Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rescue of the Year - RIPLEY

Before we even knew who Ripley was, we had a large family that included two GSPs (Lenny and May), a border collie (Skye), and three cats (Mojo, Fearless, and Harley).

Ripley had been a hunter’s dog, but when the hunter found out Ripley had epilepsy, he no longer wanted him. The hunter gave him to a family member who then let Ripley run loose. True to his intrepid nature, he quickly got lost on two different occasions. His fairy godmother found him at her parents’ house and then in a shelter the second time. She contacted Rescue, and Michael Shirley and his wife took him in. They saved Ripley’s life, and gave him a chance. Our May has epilepsy also so we knew that we had to help this Ripley fella.

We talked about fostering him, but before we even met him, we both knew that his forever home was going to be with us. Sure enough, he fit right into our Brady Bunch family, and now we can't imagine our family without him. Blake says he's the thinker of the family because he is very slow but deliberate in his actions!

We are the luckiest family to have him in our life.

Blake & Tiffany